Christmas is a religious festivity observed each December 25 by billions of people throughout the world especially by Christians to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. According to Christians, Jesus Christ is the son of God. Christmas day is the day on which friends and families come together to spread love and share best wishes and happiness.

On this special day, people beautify their houses, erect Christmas Tree, and exchange gifts with one another. On Christmas day all the Companies, Government services, and institutions are closed. In short, there is a total vacation on Christmas day.


Now let’s discuss some Christmas greetings and wishes 2020! As this Holiday is about Joy and Gathering, therefore, this moment we are giving some beautiful Christmas greetings and wishes for you to share it with your buddies and relatives on social media.

Usually as early as Christmas day approaches, billions of people from the world begin exploring for the Christmas greetings to share it with companions and relatives.


Greeting cards perform a important role in memorably explaining your emotions and feelings. They are forwarded to colleagues and family on many special occasions. Christmas is one of the important festivities celebrated by the people all over the globe. Sending cards on Christmas is a tradition began in London.

There are various approaches to create captivating cards on Christmas for companions and relatives. Above are the best Christmas wishes and messages to write on a card.