Do you really think the night is about sleep and rest? Not! The night is the most mysterious time. It is the moment when all our secret thoughts and feelings come out of the farthest corners of our souls and begin to disturb us.

That’s why you shouldn’t let your loved one think about anything else at night, except for you and your relationship! Using these long and romantic good night messages will remind you of your love before you fall asleep!

To wish a good night to all your friends and/or that special person for you, we present you with a collection of sweet good night messages.

We also provide you with good night messages for her and good night messages in English that you can use for Facebook, Instagram, or in any other way that comes to mind.

Good Night Messages For Her

Sending sweet Good night messages via SMS or via social networks can give your loved ones a peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams.

If it happen to be uninspired, you can choose one of the most romantic good night messages listed below.

Let your girlfriend sleep peacefully, knowing that she is always in your thoughts.

Good Night Messages For Him

Goodnight messages will bring a smile to your partner’s lips and sweeten their sleep. What could be more beautiful than knowing that your boyfriend is sleeping with you in mind?


This beautiful compilation of sweet good night messages and beautiful images are ideal to wish a “good night” to your loved one, family, and friends.

A selection of simple but very beautiful good night messages, ideal to send them by text or email or WhatsApp. Wishes and sweet messages of a good night for your loved one or some more audible for friends, regardless of your choice, in our compilation you will find something for all tastes.